Dec 14, 2006

SarVision contributes to influential peatland report

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An important new report on CO2 emissions from peat drainage in South East Asia was released on the 7th of December. The research, lead by WL | Delft Hydraulics and Wetlands International with contributions from leading peat experts conservatively estimates the total CO2 emissions from these peatlands are equivalent to about 8% of global emissions from fossil fuel burning.

The full report can be found here.

The report has already been covered in major newspapers and television broadcasts shortly after its released.

SarVision contributed key quarterly deforestation information for the period 2000-2005 and plantation figures. The deforestation monitoring system makes possible the measurement of CO2 emissions on a quarterly basis. SarVision's planned work as part of the JAXA Kyoto and Carbon Initiative will provide crucial new insight in the actual status of peatlands and forests in the region.

Posted by: nwielaard