Mar 1, 2009

Guiana Shield Initiative steering committee meeting

Untitled document Marcela Quinones (SarVision) participated in the second Guiana Shield Initiative steering committee meeting held in Bogotá Feb 27-28 2009.
Untitled document

In addition to the GSI staff and the steering committee members, indigenous leaders of ACATISEMA and representatives of the Colombian Government were present.

SarVision presented results and baseline prototype monitoring products for the entire region and for each of the study sites of the GSI. Low and high resolution prototype maps developed for the GSI were presented for evaluation and comments. Maps show information on land cover and flooding conditions. In addition a section was dedicated to show the possibilities for the future development of new products that could complement the information necessary for the environmental monitoring services in the extension phase of the GSI. In addition to the presentation, printed maps were made, displayed and distributed to show the quality of baseline products for the entire region and the different study sites.

We are very grateful for the positive reactions on the presentations and congratulations from all the members from the steering committee for the approach, results, and the quality of the products.

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