Dec 13, 2009

SarVision at climate conference in Copenhagen

Untitled document While other issues remain hotly debated in Copenhagen, there is widespread agreement and support for initiatives on reducing deforestation. Solid forest monitoring is widely considered a key necessity.
Untitled document

The US, Australia, France, Japan, Norway and Britain agreed to make 3.5 billion US dollars available for developing countries that produce ambitious plans to slow and eventually reverse deforestation. More forest news from the conference here.

Funding will however only be granted if countries allow for full transparency of their emissions. Having scientifically sound forest monitoring systems in place is therefore a key requirement. SarVision, Wageningen University, the GEO Forest Carbon Tracking task members, Google and others successfully presented the state of the art in forest monitoring at the climate conference.

A Netherlands Space Office (NSO) press release (in Dutch) on the new radar forest monitoring methodology developed by the Wageningen team for cloudy tropical regions, was very well covered in newspapers and other media in the Netherlands.

Listen to a brief interview with Niels Wielaard (SarVision) on the national news radio station here (in Dutch).

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