Applications in Remote Sensing

SarVision and World Wildlife Fund

SarVision proudly announces to have developed a Near Real Time forest monitoring system for WWF that enables detection of deforestation, degradation, canal and road development and forest fire scars. Currently the automated monitoring system is operational for entire...

SarVision developed Tropical Peat View

SarVision has developed a forest monitoring system for Tropical Peat View. A collaboration was set up with Indonesian government agencies LAPAN (space agency) and BRG (Peat Restoration Agency), SarVision and the Wageningen University to develop an Earth...

SarVision maps impacts of a major dam break in Myanmar

In Myanmar, SarVision participates to the Myanmar Mobile Value Added Services for Agriculture Project, which targets 850,000 farming families or 1,020,000 individual users/food producers growing rice, green and black gram, maize, groundnut, potato and...

Kilauea eruption and earthquake, Hawaii

Using Interferometric Sentinel-1 data, the Eruption of the Kilauea vulcano and an M6.9 earthquake have been mapped.

G4AW crop monitoring project in Myanmar

The Myanmar Mobile Value Added Services for Agriculture Project targets 850,000 farming families or 1,020,000 individual users/food producers growing rice, green and black gram, maize, groundnut, potato and sesame. The following services will be provided:...

Verify your forest impact

SarVision partners with TFT and Airbus to offer unprecedented detail in forest cover change across commodity production landscapes. Companies using palm oil can now rely on highly accurate satellite imagery to monitor their No-Deforestation commitment.

Welcome to SarVision

SarVision is a spin-off from Wageningen University (WUR) based in the Netherlands. SarVision pioneers the operational application of systematic satellite and airborne monitoring and mapping systems for environmental and natural resource management. We are a world leader in operational large scale Near Real Time monitoring systems based on radar images. Our innovative systems provide our partners with the latest maps and accurate information on land, crop and forest cover, -change, fire and hydrology, updated on a regular basis (weekly to yearly). As we mainly use free of cost and cloud free radar imagery, our monitoring systems are a lot cheaper than monitoring systems based on optical systems.


SarVision contributes to numerous sustainable development efforts in tropical forest regions around the globe, working directly with organisations as diverse as space agencies, multilateral institutions, government …


In the last ten years SarVision, based on specific requirements from diverse type of users, has developed a series of products for the observation of the earth surface. Many of the products are based on “what the radar can see”.


Besides aiming at the advancement of application in practice of mapping and monitoring applications, the foundation of SarVision warrants continuity in the development …