Feb 1, 2011

Wetlands International: new maps Sarawak

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SarVision published a groundbreaking report on deforestation in Sarawak for Wetlands International. Read more to download the report and have a look at the data yourself in Google Earth.

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This is the first time that detailed and verified figures on deforestation and peatswamp conversion come available for Sarawak. The Netherlands-based Wetlands International presented the new figures widely, stating that palm oil destroys Malaysia’s peatswamp forests faster than ever.

The full Wetlands International Press Release is available here:


Have a look at the map data in Google Earth here:


Note: for best results in Google Earth click Tools>Options... and switch off 'Compress' under 'Texture Colors'.

Our background report is available for download here:


More information: Niels Wielaard (Senior Project Manager SarVision), +31628916609 (Mobile), wielaard[at]sarvision[dot]nl

Posted by: nwielaard