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SarVision develops maps and supporting software such as web-viewers in support of Natural Capital Accounting. Our products are based on specific demands of clients, and where appropriate we follow the methodological framework of the system of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA). We have specific expertise in extent accounting, condition accounting and accounting for ecosystem services. We develop maps using optical and radar remote sensing in combination with, where needed, geospatial and ecological models. Based on maps, we produce accounts showing changes in ecosystem over time, in the condition of these ecosystems, and in the services they supply.

SarVision produces wall–to-wall maps of ecosystem capital and elaborate natural capital accounts. We develop for example state of the art biomass and land use maps.
We support:

  • Governments in the accounting and valuation of ecosystem services.
  • Businesses in building natural capital accounts and monitoring ecosystem services over their land assets.


Emission by peat in the Netherlands
Land use account for Sumatra 


Land use account in Sumatra                                                                             .


Example products for Peat Land Account, Indonesia:

  • Land use in peatlands.
  • Ecosystem services supplied by peatlands.
  • Carbon emissions from oxidation and fire.
  • Condition (degradation status) of peatlands.
  • Information collected, by year, in maps and accounting tables