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SarVision’s unique SarSentry system is a real game changer

SarVision is proud to present its unique and innovative SarSentry near real time forest monitoring system. This system is operational in several tropical countries (e.g. in Indonesia, Surinam, Guyana, Colombia). It differs from other existing large scale monitoring systems by its higher accuracy and capability to detect forest degradation. The detection of forest degradation is really unique in the world as it can not even be observed by high resolution optical systems, nor by other existing radar monitoring systems. SarSentry is cost efficient as it uses free of cost Sentinel-1 radar data. Even small scale selective logging and forest encroachment is detected accurately.

The system is fully automated which makes its operation simple. It can be implemented either by SarVision or by governments and other clients on their own hardware or in the cloud. Unlike most other monitoring systems, the system can be transferred to clients which makes them owner of the data. Governments can run the system by themselves and the products can be used as a legal basis for intervention decisions. SarSentry can also be used to monitor carbon losses in near real time if combined with SarVision’s SarCarbon system .

SarSentry is:
•Operational in Greece, Borneo, Guianas, East Africa, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombian Amazon (See map)
•NRT: 6-12 days, independent of clouds
•Deforestation accuracy >98%
•Quantitative assessment of forest degradation (largely missed by other systems)
•Use of detailed baseline map
•Algorithms adjusted per ecosystem and terrain type
•Automated and easy to operate
•System transferred to clients: Ownership data! Training included.
•Fully integrated with webgis viewer and analysis tool
•Integrated with biomass and carbon mapping (ARR + REDD)

For a quick introduction of SarSentry and its relation with SarCarbon see this 5 minute video


A general video presentation about SarVision’s SarSentry is shown here (11 min).
In the video underneath results are shown for a few test sites in Surinam.